Do you know your rights if stopped by the police?

Do you know your rights if you are stopped & or pulled over by the police?  It is an honest answer yes or no? Allot of people don’t know their rights if they are approached by the police.  Every single day in your community the police violates someones civil rights & they don’t even know it. It happens every single day, It happens more to Black people in their communities also if they go into a mostly White community.

You drive up & down the roads & you see the police dam near stripping someone on the streets or they are tearing apart your car on the side of the road just because of your race & it is not right. Police feel like they are invincible on the streets that they patrol, they feel like they can do what ever they want to people just because they are wearing a badge & gun & 9 times out of 10 they get away with it because people just don’t know their rights.

Well I am here to give a little bit of help & advice & also some tips you need to follow if you are confronted by the police. These are your rights & you should know them. So first I will start with children under the age of 18.

If you are under the age of 18 & the police officer try to ask you questions that could possibly get you in trouble or If a police officer arrest you & take you to the police station & try to question you.


1. Remember these words. ” I want a Lawyer”. Never talk to the Police without your parent or an attorney present. Police are professional interrogators & they know what they are doing. In some states police are allowed to question children without the consent of their parent or attorney. That is a serious problem with states that allow this.

2. If you are approached by the police on the street,  ask them are you under arrest. If they say no than you are allowed to leave, you don’t need to say anything else just walk away. If they say that you are under arrest than you tell them that you want your parents or attorney present before any questioning and say nothing else.

Arrest warrant vs Search warrant

What is the difference between an arrest warrant & a search warrant, well believe it or not it is a big difference. I will get into the difference between a search warrant vs a arrest warrant in this portion of know your rights.

Arrest warrant –Is a warrant attached to a body ie. person by either a judge, court commissioner or in some states a court magistrate. So if the police show up to your house with an arrest warrant to arrest someone you do not have to let them in your home.

Search Warrant – A search warrant gives the police a right to enter your home. It is also signed by a judge, Court commissioner or a Court magistrate. It gives police the power to enter your home looking for items ie. Guns, Drugs etc. When the police enter your home they must present you with a copy of the warrant & if they take any items they must provide you with a receipt of the items taken as well.

So as you can see there is a major difference between an arrest warrant and a search warrant.

Okay now we are going to go into these 3 most common police encounters. I am going to go into each step one by one.

Vehicle Stops

 1. Turn your car off, crack your window, Keep your Hands on the steering wheel. Upon request show the officer your Drivers License & registration.

2. If the police ask to search your car say “no” If they attempt to search anyway, make it very clear that you are not consenting & you don’t agree with the search.

3. If the officer gives you a ticket sign it, it is not an admission of guilt & you can dispute your issues in the court of law. So you cn fight the ticket when you go to court.

4. If you are the driver & an officer orders you out of your car than you must obey the officers order.

5. If you have received a ticket, signed it & the officer ask if you can wait for a drug sniffing dog to arrive say ” no”.

6. A passenger may be ordered out of the vehicle but do not have to answer any questions or provide any information to the officer.

Street encounters

If you are stopped by the police on the street, It is not a crime to refuse to answer questions or to Identify yourself. However refusing to Identify yourself may make the officer suspicious of you so don’t lie, just make it clear that you are not answering any questions & you refuse to identify yourself unless you are being placed under arrest for commiting a crime.

2. You have a right to ask the officer ” Am I under arrest or am I Free to leave?” If the officer says yes just turn & walk away. If you are being placed under arrest than ask why then reply ” I want an attorney” & say nothing else.

Police cannot lawfully require that you Identify yourself or produce identification if they don’t reasonably suspect you are involed in a crime. A officer may do a ” Pat down ” search of your clothing if he suspects you have a weapon or drugs, Do not resist but make it very clear that you do not agree to be searched.

When in custody

1. You have the right to remain silent, here’s a good piece of advice; use that right. Never talk to the police without a lawyer being present never.

2. Memorize yourself with this sentence ” I want a Lawyer “ .

3. Make your defense in court. Avoid offering any explainations, stories, excuses to the police because it will be used against you.

4. Ask to see an attorney immediately. If you cannot afford one than one will be appointed to you at no charge. You can also ask the police to contact the public defenders office on your behalf.

5. Make decisions after talking with your attorney, Not doing so may lead to you spending the rest os your life in prison even if you are innocent never talk to the police without a lawyer being present.

Don’t ever think that it will be too late to make a statement once your attorney is present. You can always make a statement & deals can always be made better with an attorney in your corner.

Well people there it is. These are your rights provided to you by the constitution  of the United States. Police is not above the law, They cannot just violate your civil rights when ever they please. I am so tired of people digging theirself in a hole because they don’t know how to just shut the hell up. it is very easy to do just say those magic words and zippen it shut & you will be fine.

The police are the professionals you are just a regular person, they know how to use words to scare you because of who they are. That is all they have is scare tactics, that is waht the police use. Then sometimes the say just tell me what I want to know & you can go home soon as your done then after that you are being hauled away to jail whitch will be your home for the next 30 years all because you did not say ” I want a Lawyer “ .

I hope that I was a help. Stay tunned for more good shit from your boy Twinlova,





14 Responses to “Do you know your rights if stopped by the police?”

  1. S Leader Levy Says:

    what up my homie yeah i feel you on the comment thanks for the brush up!

  2. Eabountyboy Says:

    does not having to ID yourself apply to every state??

    • Yes as long as the police do not reasonably suspect that you are commiting a crime. You can ask the officer are you being investigated in reference to a crime, if they say no than you can refuse to show them ID

  3. Thank you for your response, I don’tknow what state your in but in Maryland if someone has an arrest warrant the police cannot force there way into your home to search for that person. Now if the police seen them enter the home than that is a different story because that gives them probable cause to go enter to make the arrest. The only time they can enter your home to arrest someone on a warrant in maryland is if they seen you enter that property.

    My case is this, If you are home sleeping and the police knocks on your door looking for joe blow and you say he is not here or don’t live here, They have a right to ask well may we come in and look, you have a right to say no. At that point they cannot enter your home. Now of course if they say well we seen him come into your home than you need to let them in because you can be charged with hubbering a fugitive.

    Thank you for your comment

  4. Hi I live in CT. I am 17. About 10 mins ago I was in the car and cops showed up at my neighbors house. I called because there was a fight. The neighbors said there was no fight so the police came over to me walking and said let me see your phone. I sad no and he ripped it out of my hands. He then starting askimng me questions and asked if i called i said yes and he said well you made a crank call cause there was no fight. He never said i was under arrest but they started to ask me questions because i was a suspect cause i walked out when they were there. They issued me a $103.00 for creating a public disturbance. When I asked for my mother they said no. What should I do. Not guilty or pay it

    • First of all it sounds like you were asualted by the police, if your hand was injured when the officer snatched your phone out your hand, I would call internal affairs and make a complaint against that officer. If you were being a good samariton when you called the police even if your neihgbors lied and said there was no fight, they should not have given you a citation. Now If you were outside yelling acting like an ass than yes they can give you a citation. I was not there so I cant say how you were acting.

      The next time you have that kind of problem with the police, just stand in your doorway, if they try ro approach your home just close the door and dont open it. When they knock you tell them that your parents are not home and you are not opening your door until they get home, or unless they have a search warrant to enter your home. Also the next time the police try to detain you for any reason dont say nothing at all. Dont say anything except im not trying to be rude but im not saying a word to you until I talk to my parents or to an attorney and just stay quiet. If they ask you for I.D. you ask them are you being investigated for a commiting a crime? If they say yes than you have to show them your I.D. or you’ll get arrested. If they say no, Than you ask can I leave? And you still remain quiet.

      Now I cant tell you to pay the ticket or not, its up to you and your family, I can tell you this, If I was not outside creating a distrubance I would not pay it. If the officer snatched your phone from your hand without your permission I would call his supervisor immediatly. you can do that by calling your local precint and ask for a supervisor to come out to your home now. They will its their job to do so. I would also call internal affairs and file a complaint for assault if you recieved injury to your hand.

      Just remember no and understand your rights but dont piss those cops off because they are trained professionals and the will find a way to get around the law to get you in jail, but they no the rules they must follow. ok, let me no how things turn out.

  5. Cassie Cohick Says:

    Last night I was held against my will because I was a witness to a crime. The police treated me like a criminal and said I would be charged with withholding information and conspiracy if I didn’t tell them everything they asked me. The took my mace off me and when I sent a text message on my phone, they snatched it from my hand. Is that legal to do? I felt very violated last night. I was treated so horribly. When I said I knew I could shut my mouth, they brought more cops to the scene and secluded me, the only woman, from my friends so that three cops could interrogate me. It was dark and in the woods. I felt like I was treated horribly and disrespectfully. I had no idea cops could rip your phone from your hand and go through it. I had nothing to do with the crime. The one cop even pushed buttons that send charges to my phone and when I told him… he just screamed his mouth off at me and told me to shut up and told me that my ticket for not collaborating was going to be an even bigger charge. This was after I gave them all the information. They took up 2 hours of my time. They were on a huge power trip.

    • If you were a witness to a crime alot of times if you stick around at the scene than yes alot of times the police will be hard on you to get information, its called Scare Tactics, they will yell and say things to scare you so they can get the information that they need.. As long as you were not apart of the crime than you dont have to say nothing.
      All you have to do is just tell them is that you really dont want to be apart of this, you had nothing to do with, and you just want to leave. If they continue to press you for information if you are under the age of 18 just ask the police to call your parents right away and tell them that you will not say a word until your parents get there & remain silent. When your parents arrive consult with them first.

      I your over 18 than you tell the police repectfully that you had nothing at all to do with this crime and that is your not under arrest you want to leave immediatly. If they continue to hold you there Tell them you want to see thier district comander or a captin immediatly and tell them that you want to leave…

      If they continue to keep you there tell them that you are saying anything else to them until you speak to your attorney ok. Now the reason why they probrably snatched your cell phone because they may have suspected that you may have been in contact with the people who commited this crime & they may have believed that you were in contact with them or providing them with information, they have a right to confiscate your phone under a probable cause rule to make sure you were not getting rid of any information pertnant to their investigation…

      Thank you


    • Sorry it took so long getting back to you.
      If you are pulled over whether you have a D.L. or not if the officer come back and say that it is suspended than yes they can search your car to make sure there is no contraband in it before they tow your car. They can even arrest you at that point as well for driving on a suspended D.L.
      My advice to you is this, If they say that your D.L. is suspended be as nice as posible to get out of this situation. If you have nothing in your car & they ask to search it just let them because if you have a suspended D.L. they can arrest you and tow your vehicle.
      Now if they say that your D.L. is suspended they should be able to tell you from which county & the reason behind the suspension.. If they cant do that still be nice to that officer until he decide what he is going to do with you, If he let you leave at your own free will Ask the officer for some type of statement from him that your D.L. is suspended & verify it yourself.
      If the officer lied just to search your car than I would first contact Iternal Affairs and have them investigate this Officer, Also I would contact a Lawyer to the see if there is a case for Civil Litigation…..

      Hope I could help you friend have a nice day…


  8. SunriseBlunt Says:

    i just made a hiding spot in my car, but you have to take the car apart to get to it. if i get pulled over and the police search my car with probable cause then are they allowed to take my car apart to look for stuff??

    • SunriseBlunt Says:

      i live in minnesota

    • Look if you are making Hiding spots in your car to conceal drugs or to commit crimes than yes the police will rip your car apart. If you are hiding drugs or guns in your car a Dog can pick those scents up they are trained for it.
      My best advice for you would not to be stashing stuff in your car and dont be out here commiting crimes and you will be ok..

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